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4-07-2017, 14:05

Хостинг стрим

Fighting.ru - всё о файтингах

For support, please contact TwitchSupport.

хостинг стрим

What is Host Mode? Rather than just signing off, Engage Host Mode!

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Any broadcaster can host another channel, and any channel can be hosted. It works just like using an embedded player on another website, except it works directly on Twitch. Why Should I Use Host Mode?

хостинг стрим

Promote other broadcasters and share your favorite content with your audience. Watch your favorite broadcasters and events with your friends on your own channel.

Share Your Favorite Content with Host Mode

How Does Host Mode Work? You can host one channel at a time, and up to three total in a given 30 minute period.

хостинг стрим

Host mode is only available on the website for now. What Happens When Someone Hosts My Stream?

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